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Biogel Growing Substrate with a small plant sprout

Biogel Growing Substrate

Enriched with locally sourced biomaterial and fortified with a blend of essential plant macro- and micronutrients, our groundbreaking Biogel Growing Substrate stands as an excellent alternative to peat, minus the CO2 emissions. Meticulously crafted, this innovative medium maximizes water retention, establishing a vital moisture environment essential for robust plant growth. Our biomaterial technology ensures superior hydration, promoting healthier roots, a transparent root monitoring system, and lush foliage.

Biogel Soil Amendment with two samples, one of gel and one of soil, surrounded by green leaves

Biogel Soil Amendment

Bid farewell to dry patches and welcome flourishing gardens with our Biogel Soil Amendment. Fueled by biomaterials and crosslinking technology, our innovative Biogel Soil Amendment is engineered to maximize soil moisture retention, fostering robust and resilient plant growth. Through the integration of biomaterials, it improves water absorption and distribution in the soil, diminishing the need for frequent watering while ensuring optimal hydration for your plants.

Hydropeat Growing Substrate with a small plant sprout

Hydropeat Growing Substrate

HydroPeat offers a win-win solution for both your plants and the planet by improving water retention and decreasing peat usage. A transformative plant growing media, Hydropeat utilizes locally sourced, biodegradable and biocompatible biomaterials to efficiently bind various components like peat moss fibers, coir, wood fibers, sands, rice hulls, clay pellets, perlite, vermiculite and more. This approach enhances plug stability, facilitates automation, and improves wetting behavior while reducing reliance on synthetic polymers.

Hydrosponge Growing Substrate with a small plant sprout

Hydrosponge Growing Substrate

Engineered for excellence, HydroSponge offers unparalleled porosity and water reabsorption capacity, ensuring optimal hydration for your plants and a transparent root monitoring system. With its precisely distributed air spaces, it promotes superior oxygenation to bolster robust root development and nutrient uptake. Bid farewell to stagnant growth and welcome thriving plants with HydroSponge.

Innovative Microgreens Growing Mat made from biodegradable biomaterials

Microgreens Growing Mat

Made from locally produced biodegradable and biocompatible biomaterials, our innovative Microgreens Growing Mat yields a plentiful microgreen harvest in just seven days. Boasting exceptional water absorption and reabsorption abilities, alongside precisely balanced nutrient distribution and porous networks, our Microgreens Growing Mat creates the ideal environment for rapid and healthy microgreen growth.

On-site and Mobile SWFT System showcasing state-of-the-art waste management technology

On-site and Mobile SWFT Systems

Our scalable waste management product line features a diverse array of systems, ranging  from portable units ideal for on-site deployment to full-scale commercial factories. Each plant is meticulously engineered with state-of-the-art technology, including our patented nutrient recapture process, guaranteeing peak efficiency, reliability, and adaptability.

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