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We are a Biotech R&D company that has developed a patented nutrient recapture process which transforms organic waste into a wide array of applications. Our innovation ecosystem is driven by scientists and engineers who co-create with your business to find viable solutions. From waste management processing to organic materials development, we customize our technology to your business needs.

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Our winning combination of researchers, engineers, and experienced business leaders is why we're able to stay at the forefront of the biomaterials market.

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Creating long-term solutions that we develop in tandem with our partners for continued success
Our ethos of co-creation drives our search for innovative partners eager to pioneer the future of organic materials processing and development. Through successful partnerships and collaborative efforts, we aim to enhance sustainability, drive innovation, reduce costs, increase profit, and help businesses meet their ESG goals. Join us in shaping the future of organic materials.
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Two people maintaining a vertical garden with multiple black triangular planters.
Close-up of plant roots being held by a hand in a biogel system.
Waste Processing
Harness the power of nature's building blocks
Biowaste isn't just a byproduct; it's an untapped resource waiting to be unlocked. SWFT Systems harnesses the latent potential of biowaste, from agricultural residues to food scraps, and creates value with our cutting-edge solutions to produce new products utilized across various industries. Join us in re-imagining the value of biowaste and building a more sustainable future, one organic material at a time.
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Industry Applications & Partnerships
The art and science of organic materials development
Organic materials development is our core discipline here at SWFT Labs. By combining next-gen technology, advanced AI integrations, and the endless possibilities of biological materials, our scientists are pushing the limits of biological engineering. Our R&D team is driven to partner with other future-focused businesses across a myriad of industries to enhance output and promote sustainability. From transforming biowaste into fertilizers to creating biodegradable packaging and cosmetics biomaterials, our collaborations aim to drive positive impact and shape a more sustainable future.
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Lab technicians in white coats actively developing biogels and other sustainable products with scientific instruments and plant samples.

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