About Us

We are a dynamic Biotech R&D startup, born from the fertile grounds of university laboratories and propelled by a vision to pioneer sustainable technologies that can both tackle current business challenges while concurrently paving the way to a greener, more resilient future.
Our goal is to harness the power of cutting-edge science and creative engineering to transform organic waste into valuable resources.
Grounded in a culture of collaboration and rigorous research, we strive to push the boundaries of what's possible. We place utmost value on teamwork and co-creation with our partners, recognizing that only through collective effort can we innovate and discover organic material solutions that play a pivotal role in creating positive change for generations to come.
Gloved hand collecting a soil sample in a test tube from an agricultural field.
Aerial view of a narrow path winding through a dense green forest.
Our Mission
Empowering sustainability through innovative waste processing and organic material development, our startup is committed to revolutionizing industries by harnessing the power of nature's building blocks.
Our mission is to lead the way in creating a circular economy by efficiently processing biowaste streams and producing high-quality organic materials. Through relentless innovation and collaboration, we aim to redefine waste management practices, promote environmental stewardship, and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.
Who We Are

Meet our team

Benjamin Hsiao
Benjamin S. Hsiao
Chairman & CTO, SWFT Labs
The inventor of SWFT Lab’s zero-waste technology, Ben brings decades of experience, hundreds of publications, and dozens of patents to his role as the head of our R&D team. Hsiao has achieved global prominence for his distinguished reputation in polymer science with over 620 scientific publications and hundreds of presentations at national and international scientific meetings. Hsiao was elected as Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), American Chemical Society, American Physical Society, Materials Research Society, and National Academy of Inventors. He has received the AAAS-Lemelson Foundation Invention Ambassador and The Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water - The Creativity Prize. According to the Ranking of Top 1000 Scientists in the field of Materials by Research.com, Hsiao is ranked within the top 100 in the United States.

Ben continues to educate students and postdocs as a Distinguished Professor in Chemistry at Stony Brook University, USA where he has served as Chair of the Chemistry Department and held Vice President for Research and Chief Research Officer positions. Before spearheading SWFT Labs, Ben spent 8 years as a staff scientist at DuPont Company, was the co-founding Director of Innovative Global Energy Solutions Center, and served as the Director of Center for Integrated Electric Energy Systems.
Ryan McGann
Ryan McGann
Ryan has been an engineer and entrepreneur leading emerging technology ventures for the last 18+ years. He has served as Founder, CEO, COO, and Advisor for companies at a variety of growth phases including InLoop Inc. – an Israeli based artificial intelligence news software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform; Solar Cool Technologies – a portable solar powered refrigeration product development company, Intrigma Inc. – an advanced healthcare software platform to optimize physician scheduling, and most recently CubicAcres - an automated and sustainable vertical farming company growing lettuces and herbs year round. Ryan’s mission is to automate, decentralize, and reduce the environmental impact of agricultural production across the world by developing technologies to sustainably harness ambient energy and resources.

Beyond business activities, Ryan spends his time as a dedicated father of 3 and husband. Any chance he gets to pursue his hobbies you can find snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, or sailing.
Sai W Fung
Sai W. Fung
Angel Investor, SWFT Labs
Sai Fung has decades of experience in design, development, and manufacturing of advanced energy storage systems, with a noteworthy focus on the renewable energy sector. Currently serving as President & CEO at Bren-Tronics, he is a leader in the industry, playing a key role in Bren-Tronics' evolution into a premier supplier of Military rechargeable batteries and charging solutions. While leading Bren-Tronics' expansion from one to five different manufacturing plants, he concurrently established his own venture, RCE, specializing in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

With a foundation in Electrical Engineering, Sai embarked on his career by developing commercial and military LNA systems, as well as high-reliability subsystems for satellite communication and radiometric applications. Additionally, his technological innovations included supplying microwave receivers to radio astronomy observatories worldwide, advancing our knowledge of the universe.

Beyond his corporate responsibilities, Sai is deeply committed to fostering innovation as an angel investor and philanthropic donor. He actively seeks grassroots initiatives, supporting endeavors led by locals with promising social and environmental benefits. He has championed early-stage startups such as Ellen, empowering almost 10,000 families in Niger and Mali with home energy systems, predominantly employing local residents within those countries.

Remaining steadfast in his dedication, Sai is driven to identify and nurture the next generation of innovators. He aspires to leverage his wealth of experience to contribute to the success of SWFT Labs, further advancing innovation and positive social impact.
David Clausen
David W. Clausen
CEO, Turf & Nursery Division
David exemplifies a unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit and scientific curiosity.

He is the founder of Coastal Insurance Solutions, one of the country’s leading InsurTech startups. His agency operates in over 40 states, employs services across five countries, and protects more than $2 billion in assets. As a serial entrepreneur, David has spearheaded a multitude of successful startups spanning a variety of industries including Agriculture, Aviation, Technology, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones), Entertainment, Hospitality, Real Estate, Web Development, and Digital Marketing. David has been requested live on national news networks such as Fox News as an expert on the environment, weather, and flood insurance.

His passion for innovation, cutting-edge technology, and science is matched by his commitment to team building, mentoring, and leadership to achieve organizational success. His efforts promise to deliver significant contributions to the biotech sector, enhancing SWFT Labs' returns, benefiting the environment, and impacting the world at large.